Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Dome Mechanical Seal FOSC


The Fiber Optic Splice Closure :
aerial, underground, pipeline,
hand-holes.The ambienttemperature
ranges from -40℃ to 65℃.

2. Basic structure and configuration
Outside dimension (Height x Diameter) 390mm×190mm
Weight (excluding outside box) 2400g—3000g
Number of inlet/outlet ports 4 pieces
Diameter of fiber cable Φ8mm~Φ16 mm
Capacity of FOSC Bunchy: 6-96 (cores), Ribbon: up to 144 (cores)
No. Name of components Quantity Usage Remarks
1 FOSC cover 1 piece Protecting fiber cable splices in whole Height x Diameter
350mm x 150mm
2 Fiber optic splice tray (FOST) Max. 5 trays (bunchy)
Max. 2 trays (ribbon)
Fixing heat shrinkable protective sleeve and holding fibers Suitable for: Bunchy:6,12,24(cores) Ribbon:6 (pieces)
3 Fiber holding tray 1 pcs Holding fibers with protective coat  
4 Base 1set Fixing internal and external structure  
5 Plastic hoop 1 set Fixing between FOSC cover and base  
6 Seal fitting 1 piece Sealing between FOSC cover and base  
7 Pressure testing valve 1 set After inject air, it is used for pressure testing and sealing testing Configuration as per requirement
8 Earthing deriving device 1 set Deriving metal parts of fiber cables in FOSC for earthing connection Configuration as per requirement