Fiber Optic Splice Closure

24/48/96 Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure

1. Product Summary
This product is suitable for such laying modes as overhead, pipelined, direct buried,etc. It adopts direct-passing or branch connecting ways that will protect the fiber cable when they are connected,branched, distributed and stored.
Size:480*155*110mm With 2.5kg

2. Features

The product applies to the single-core and ribbon optical fibers and cables. It adopts a new sealing mode,which is unique, innovative and suitable for all sizes of optical fibers, with effective sealing performance, easy for operation and convenient for reuse

3. Main Technical Parameters
Environmental temperature: -40℃~ +65℃
Maximum capacity: 96 cores for single core optical fibers
Applicable diameter of optical fiber cables: Ф10mm~Ф22 mm;
Can keep more than 150 hours under(100±5)KPa atmospheric pressure.
4.Installation direction
a. Unscrew the 10 bolts and open the cover.
b. Take down the button on both sides of the box, take out the bracket, and take down the fiber closure tray and the button on both sides of the bracket.
c. Fix the fiber steel core on the fixed pole of the bracket after the fibers are peeled,screw down the bolt, then put the fibers under the button on both sides of the bracket and screw down them, use PVC transparent tube to protect the peeled area and fuse and entwine the fibers.
d. Conduct the normal splice and fusion.
e. Put the bracket back to the box and screw down the 10 bolts.
f. Screw down the fiber with the fixed button on both sides of the box and fit on the pothook.
5. Notice
a. Don’t take down the rubber seal label randomly, because it has laid well before
leaving factory.(The fiber is perfectly in the middle of the seal label.)
b. Please press down the cover a little harder to screw the bolt if the diameter of the fiber is large.
c. When the diameter is less than Φ11 mm, increase the diameter by enlacing adhesive tape on cable, or show the cable diameter first, our company will supply accessories for option.